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enhancing productivityJust a quick heads up (sorry poor pun) on our latest article: Enhancing Productivity from our “What Science Knows and Business Does Series”  Where we discuss how we can work with our brain biology instead of against it and as a result be more productive happier and healthier.

Excerpt: You could probably fill Eden Park with leaders who had completed time management courses but still struggled to get things done. When you ask managers for time management and productivity tips, most people can reel off a list of handy strategies, many of them just common sense.  We like a definition of common sense from Harriet Beecher Stowe:

“Common sense is seeing things as they are; and doing things as they ought to be.”

Perhaps it isn’t so easy to do in today’s frenetic and somewhat volatile working environments where the challenge is to see the wood for the trees. When we say productivity we don’t mean just efficiency (work output/time). We mean the broader definition of being productive,which involves getting more of the right things done. Neuroscience is beginning to identify more effective ways we can be working. . We now have the possibility of not having to push, push, push to achieve outcomes at a cost to our health. We can work brain-smarter to get more done and remain mentally healthy at the same time.

In the full article we talk about the 2 memory systems in the brain and how they impact on our decision making, prioritisation and activity. We also outline some top tips to make your thinking and actions more productive and share the “Healthy Mind Platter”  a recipe for 7 different mental activities to develop an healthy mind.

A parting thought for you it could well be that we may have to start to think about about exercising and training our brains in the same way we do ourbodies if we want high levels of productivity. Being brain smarter means getting more done and remaining mentally fit and healthy and on top of your game.

You can read and download the whole Enhancing Productivity article here.  Why not check out some of our other articles at the same time as well?

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