Guest Bloggers Wanted

Welcome Leadership by Design is now ready to invite guest bloggers

Guest blogging is a great way of putting yourself on the map. You do this through thought-leadership, by sharing know-how, and by being active within the community.

Guest blogging can do wonders for your reputation if you do it right. It can also help to extend awareness about what you do, your subject/s of choice, and the tools and techniques that you employ.

That being said, blatant selling doesn’t go down well so steer clear of that. You can of course share your experience and achievements  when relevant.  However if your post reads like a sales pitch then it won’t get published.  Interesting and  thought provoking is what we like best.

Guest blogging can also be good for getting backlinks to your website and we also publish our posts on all the main social networks so if the post is good you may actually get some extra traffic too!

If you’re not sure about whats needed by all means send us a draft and we’ll give you some constructive feedback.  Or if you have an initial  idea for a blog post feel free again to shoot us an email and we’ll get our heads together with you.

The submission guidelines are simple:

– ONE link per post, which is to be listed in the author bio at the bottom of the article. (your site or link)

– The post/article should not be reproduced anywhere else on the web including your own blog (neither party benefits from duplicate content)

– All guest posts must be a minimum of 450 words in content and written in proper English.

– You may include links within the article, but they must be relevant resources to the article and topic discussed. Do not submit or write articles around a topic just to get a link placed within the article. Maximum of two outbound resources per post.

– Sorry no affiliate codes or referral links are allowed in posts.

We will always publish good unique articles on leadership, team development, learning, neuroscience change leadership  and facilitation.

Leadership by Design reserves the right to publish or not and also to request minor changes to posts.

You can send any drafts or ideas to or click here to contact us

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