Eight Step Route Map to Your Leadership Development Strategy

Eight Step Route Map to Your Leadership Development Strategy

A leadership strategy makes explicit how many leaders we need, of what kind, where, with what skills, and behaving in what fashion individually and collectively to achieve business success.

Perhaps the most critical change facing senior executives in global organizations is preparing a new generation of leaders who will continue and extend the strategic reach of the organizations they currently head.

Being ‘built to last’ requires constant renewal, and this renewal is typically based on leaders continuing to develop themselves and their successors.

We have crystallized and codified all our years of experience into a 22 page 8 Step Route Map to developing your Leadership Development Strategy.

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 In Leadership Strategy Demystified

  • The 5 critical considerations of leadership
  • Why Are Key Drivers Important?
  • Summary 8 Key Steps to Developing Your Leadership Strategy
  • Steps 1 to 8 with explanation and examples 

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