Aligning Leadership Development and Talent Programmes

leadership development prgramme and talent According to Bersin and Associates 2012 leadership programme is fully integrated with other talent processes. The impact of that is the same as any other strategy;  the dots are not joined up and the leadership development business impact is diluted or non-existent.  Just a reminder by business impact we mean key business outcomes  and dollars.

When designing leadership development strategies and programmes it means identifying your talent processes and factoring them into your leadership development programme design.


 For our purposes here by talent processes  we simply mean 4 main things:

  1. Recruitment and selection
  2. Performance management,
  3. Succession planning and
  4. Individual leader development

Yes recruitment and selection is most certainly a talent identification and acquiring  process. Organisations need to understand and balance the specific job needs with the wider organisations talent needs. Recruiters need to be aligned  and supported with how to identify and select the right talent

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Performance management has to be more than keeping score and providing indigestible feedback. It has to be about creating some sort of constructive change. For us that means making it more developmental for the participants. The resulting developmental plans provide great input for the organisations leadership needs assessment and provide useful data at the individual and group level on where to best invest.   

Succession Planning has to be more than performance potential grids that display data but fail to inspire new developmental activities. Identifying the high potentials is a high value activity as they often create a disproportionate amount of value as leaders. But it has to be backed up with the developmental learning and business opportunities required to engage and grow the high potential leaders.

Individual leadership development is tapping into the reality that learning is largely self-directed. A much more individualised approach is required to help leaders clarify their career  and developmental interests.  Often people are unclear on future directions and organisations could be offering more support to help leaders get motivated and tactical about their own development.

Common sense I hear you cry! Well I suppose it is for the 7% of those organisations that  do join the dots on their leadership development programmes and strategies.

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